Cities and municipalities would have you believe red light and speed photo enforcement is accurate and truthful, but that's not always the case! Photo tickets have plenty of errors, but the public and the courts lack the knowhow and tools to analyze the videos evidence. The Red Light Doctor fights photo red light and speed camera notices. by using forensic video technology to uncover the facts! Our simple promise is to provide you with evidence evalutaion to assist you in getting a fair hearing.

Red light photo enforcement is rigged against drivers to reap millions in revenue by short timing traffic signal yellows, low resolution web video which is usually difficult to see and video viewing software which lacks proper controls. And let's not forget camera placement which takes advantage of intersections and traffic controls in need of engineering updates. Chicago is steller in spending more money on camera maintenance than on going traffic signal maintenance. Chicago must make money on red light tickets because Chicago is the only U.S. city to own their own cameras!

The Red Light Doctor does not provide legal services or offer legal opinons. We do provide Forensic Video Expert Witness facts providing you with a clear look at the video evidence clip which is the basis of your case.

We believe most drivers are responsible and do not intentionally violate traffic signals or realistic speed limits. However, photo enforcement systesm are revenue producers which don't make roads safer. Photo traffic ticketing is technically legal, but is an abuse legal system because it punishes drivers for split second technical errors.

Numerous political contributions and "consultants" were employed to establish the camera laws. You have the right to educate yourself and be aware of this new form of automated taxation. Our traffic library includes location-specific data which contains secrets to winning.

No independant study has ever concluded that photo enforcement has ever provided any ongoing safety benefit. When you buy gasoline, food by the pound, ride in an elevator or get an X-ray all of these devices are inspected and licensed by a government agency, but photo ticketing cameras are not anywhere in the U.S.

Our success rate is based on our years of court room experience! Check it out for yourself. You too can put this knowledge on your side to strengthen your defense. In many cases video evidence is thrown out because of our forensic investigation. Contact us for details.

What We Do...

The Red Light Doctor provide the following products and forensic services for motorists:

Red Light Camera TicketsSubmit your ticket information to for a free, forensic evaluation. See details for submitting your red light camera ticket for a complimentary evaluation.

Speed Camera TicketsWas the speed camera ticket you received undeserved? There is an easy, FREE way to find out! Contact us for a forensic evaluation.

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