Bestqool Red Light Therapy Pad 38.2″ x 24″, Infrared Light Therapy for Pain Relief, on your body

Bestqool Red Light Therapy Pad 38.2″ x 24″, Infrared Light Therapy for Pain Relief, Full Body Large Therapy Yoga Mat with Timer Function for Recovery, Energy, Back Pain Therapy Inflammation Relief


  • RESTORE YOUR HEALTHY AND STRONG SELF: Saving numerous time and money to regain a healthy mind and body at home. 10 minutes of irradiation with our red light therapy is equal to 20 minutes of other devices – an easy way to optimize collagen production and improve workout recovery without the effort. Light is as essential to cells as food is to people, say goodbye to an expensive spa. With 30 days return policy, if you never try, you will never know! 
  • UPGRADE THERAPY MODES & FIVE POWER INTENSITIES: If you’re looking for better performance, pain relief, skin health, better sleep, or rapid recovery from workouts, our near-infrared light therapy pad can help. Each LED light is cleverly configured with three independent chips, which doubles the precision of the red and infrared light. Switch to a pulsing mode for more benefits! 
  • BEST FULL BODY RED LIGHT THERAPY PAD: 38.2″ x 24″ Large coverage area with powerful 300 high-power LEDs making your spa time dramatically shorter. The smart control system allows you to conveniently set the run time from 15 to 90 minutes in 15-minute increments. Power consumption: 60W. The greater the power consumption, the better effect you get. Power consumption is the most crucial element in determining the success of therapy. 
  • HANDS-FREE DESIGN & COMFORTABLE: Splice design allows you to create your own therapeutic bed, you can use the therapy bed while you’re sleeping since the temperature is between 95°F and 113°F (35°C and 45°C) from Power L1 to L5, which means you don’t have to worry about overheating your skin. Our Red and near-infrared therapy brings a powerful effect for both superficial & topical as well as deep tissue. 
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: The most intimate gift for your family and friends, our large red light therapy for your body and skin is the best partner in your yoga and meditation room. Our worry-free 1-year warranty and friendly customer service make you feel like grandma’s love! The 30-day testing period is sure to bring you peace of mind! 

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Absolutely love this thing! Takes away so much pain in my back and legs after using it. I try to use it in the morning when I wake up, bc I am so sore in the morning, but this gets my day going. I haven’t felt this much pain relief ever since my injuries. Also noticed it’s melting away fat… I’ve only been using it about 2 weeks, but my shirts are becoming loose, which is a great thing bc I was in too much pain to exercise. This light therapy has literally given me my life back. I can’t wait to see the changes a year from now!


My Besqool FIR belt stopped working within 6 month from purchase. I reached out and emailed the company explaining the situation and they replied within 1 business day. They asked for a video and my mailing address. The next day I received a tracking number for 2 day priority mail. I’m pleased with the company’s speedy resolution and own 2 other units from Besqool, they’re an honest company with quality products. if your unit stops working within the company’s one year warranty reach out and email them instead of leaving negative reviews, it’s not fair to them and they’re a small growing company.

As far as the Besqool FIR belt, I’ve owned many over the years and this is my favorite. I use it daily for lymphatic flow and pain. I’m recovering from cancer and it’s nothing short of a blessing.

Is this product price worth ist?

What I like about this product is – it is a mat to cover your whole body with redlight! You can place this mat on a bed, on a chair, or on the floor. You can even do your Yoga or pilates routine on this mats. This powerful device provides the same benefits as other devices in just 10 minutes. With five power intensities and upgraded therapy modes, you can optimize collagen production, improve workout recovery, and more. This hands-free design is comfortable and safe for all users, and the large coverage area ensures your entire body benefits. Try it out risk-free with our 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty. You do nothing wrong if you buy this product! I love it!

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