FXTAA LED-Face-Mask-Red-Light-Therapy 7 in 1 Color LED Face Mask 

LED-Face-Mask-Red-Light-Therapy 7 in 1 Color LED Face Mask SPA Facial Equipment Skin Rejuvenation Light Facial Body Beauty Machine for Skin Care at Home

Introduction FXTAA LED Face Mask Redlight Therapy

  • 7 Color Mask Function Red Light- Promote blood circulation. Green Light- Has a good effect on relieving scars, and activating active ingredients. Yellow Light- Effectively improve skin redness, erythema, and swelling. Blue Light- Calm allergic skin, and help sebaceous glands. Cyan Light- Enhance tissue energy, and promote skin metabolism. Purple Light- Whitening and brightening the skin. White Light- Penetrate the deep layer of skin, improving fine lines and loose skin. 
  • Perfect Treatment 1. Frequency and time of use: 2-3 times a week, 10-20 minutes each time. 2. Led beauty mask has 7 light colors and 3 light combinations to choose from. Provide professional, high-quality, and painless skin care experience for women of different ages and skin needs. 3. Enjoy the professional, safe, and effective skincare brought by red light therapy face at home. 4. Led skin mask machine realizes three-dimensional skin care, gentle and comprehensive skin care. 
  • LED Beauty Tool. This LED face machine is very durable, reusable, and easy to install and use. Both men and women can use it, suitable for all skin. Through LED beads, energy will penetrate into the skin, activate the activity of skin cells, make the skin absorb light to the greatest extent, and achieve the effect of improving the skin. Note: Some wires may be hidden in holes and need to be pulled out and connected. 
  • You can combine all collars in a cycle always two together.
  • the machine can be disassembled into three boards, which do not occupy space and is easy to store. 

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This led therapy light works awesome, has all the colors, and is just like the one my spa uses. I was paying $30 a session to use their light for 20 minutes. The yellow light cleared my cold sore up in 2 days vs the normal 2 weeks, bonus I didn’t end up with a scar like I normally do. Highly recommend.


I’ve been using red LED on my face for several years, and I can tell a difference. People often say they’re surprised when they learn my age. I was using a small handheld device, which worked well but, as you can imagine, was tedious to use. Plus I had to move it around to each area because it was small-ish. I wanted something that would do my whole face at the same time. This achieves that. It’s much easier to use. My only complaint is I wish it had a longer power cord, but that’s a pretty small thing.


I’ve tried hundreds of creams, liquids, peptides, Botox, and Juvederm- to no avail or very little. Gave this item a shot and was very shocked with the results. Forehead wrinkles have filled in, and only 2 light ones left out of 10 to 12 I had. No more crowfeet or any lines around the eye area. Facial laugh lines have filled in. In my 50s and people think I’m around my mid-30s now. It’s amazing. No drugs no side effects. Just select your color, place it goggled over your eyes, and lay down under the light set by the timer and relax or nap. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! 5 STARS! WISH I HAD PURCHASED YRS AGO AND SAVED A LOT OF MONEY ALL THESE YRS. TRY THIS BEFORE YOU WASTE HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF CREAMS FILLERS AND OTHER PRODUCTS. YOU’LL SEE RESULTS IN A SMALL AMOUNT OF TIME. LOVE IT! COSTS VERY LITTLE COMPARED TO ALL ELSE I’VE SPENT OVER THE YRS. EASY ASSEMBLY- A CHILD COULD SNAP BOTH SIDES TOGETHER..SET TIMERS AND SELECTING COLORS ARE AS EASY AS PUSHING A BUTTON. YOU’LL LOVE IT!

Is this device the price worth it?

It is a favored item. People like it and seeing good results! And you can still use it on different parts of your body despite it being more designed for the face. Depending on what you focus to treat on your skin, you can choose the color combinations.

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