LED-Face-Mask-Light-Therapy 7 in 1 Color LED Face Mask SPA Facial Equipment Skin Rejuvenation Light Facial Body Beauty Machine for Skin Care at Home


One of the bestsellers! The LED-Face-Mask-Light-Therapy 7 in 1 Color LED Face Mask is a facial equipment device that uses light therapy to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. The machine has seven different LED light modes, each with a different color and specific benefits for the skin.

The LED lights are non-invasive and safe for all skin types. They work by penetrating deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and promote cell regeneration. This leads to smoother, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin.

The LED-Face-Mask-Light-Therapy 7 in 1 Color LED Face Mask is designed for use at home and can be easily incorporated into your skincare routine. The device is comfortable to wear and comes with adjustable straps to fit all head sizes. It is also portable and lightweight, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Overall, the LED-Face-Mask-Light-Therapy 7 in 1 Color LED Face Mask is a powerful tool for achieving beautiful, healthy skin at home. It is an affordable alternative to expensive spa treatments and can provide long-lasting results with regular use.

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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 25, 2023

But you have to use it consistently. It has reduced redness, fine lines and my facial skin feels fuller. I know it’s working because there a lot of dead skin when I wash to exfoliate. I also use it on my hands (they we’re looking old) and now the skin is thicker and plumper, less old lady lines (I’m in my early 60s). I recently got carded, yup was claiming a senior discount and the proprietor did not believe I was old enough to take advantage of the discount and asked to see my ID. He was blown away. Again, you must use it often to get the best results. I use it just about everyday on my face and hands.


Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 24, 2023

The LED Face Mask comes in three disassembled pieces that are not too hard to put together. The power cord is a bit too short, so you need to use the device close to the outlet. The LED Mask looks well made and has different color therapy options. I used red and blue light for my skin issues. While using the mask, I didn’t feel any heat, so didn’t need to use ventilator option on the device. I used it for two weeks 10 minutes on each light option, 20 minutes in total daily, however I did not see any visible improvement to my pores or acne. I returned the device.


Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 18, 2023

After using this for over 6 months-I waited to review to give enough time to truly assess any benefits-i can say it definitely has helped my aging skin.
The unit arrived complete, quick and easy to assemble and quite comfortable and easy to use, though having better information included to explain the different light cycles and their benefits would have been helpful. I went back to the Amazon product site to get that info. After washing my face, i’ll use this for 20 min (has adjustable timer that turns off automatically) about twice a week and play a meditation track or do leg exercises while I’m laying there. Primarily, I use the red and white lights and have found my skin to seem smoother and firmer and my fine lines diminishing. I’m often complimented on how great my skin looks for my age (68). I am concerned about my eyes so I keep them closed and wear the rubber goggles adjusted to prevent any light coming through. For the price ( I think it has gone down even), ease of use, and skin benefits, I would highly recommend this “home spa” device to help support healthy skin.

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Is this LED-Face-Mask-Light-Therapy 7 in 1 Color LED Face Mask a good product?
It is a multi functional light therapy. Each colour has a faction on your skin. So you can focus more on different issues and swap in between.
“Red + Blue” is red and blue at the same time, the key “Red + Green” is red and green at the same time, and the key “Blue + Green” is blue and green at the same time. Press “Yellow” to cycle 7 colors. 

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