Pro Newest 2002 LED Light Therapy Machine LED PDT from Rejuvenation

Introduction of the Pro Newest 2002 LED Light for Body and Face

The Pro Newest 2002 LED Light Therapy Machine LED PDT is a professional-grade device designed for light therapy treatments. It utilizes LED technology to emit different wavelengths of light, which does penetrate the skin to help with a variety of skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more.
The device uses a technique called photodynamic therapy (PDT) which is a non-invasive treatment that has been proven effective in treating a variety of skin conditions. The Pro Newest 2002 LED Light Therapy Machine LED PDT offers a range of LED lights, including red, blue, and yellow, each of which offers unique benefits to the skin.
Rejuvenation is the company that produces this device, and they have a reputation for creating high-quality skincare products and devices. The Pro Newest 2002 LED Light Therapy Machine LED PDT is designed for professional use, but it can also be used at home with proper training and guidance.
The package comes with a stand and is suitable for all skin types, with no side effects. 
It is a hands-free, flexible, lightweight, and portable new Photons Led Light Therapy Device,0.04W each bulb, a total of 504bulbs, and the working size is 16*8inch.
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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 8, 2022

I got this LED panel to use for my skincare services. I am so glad I got this instead of spending the 2K I almost spend on another panel. It works great, easy to use, lightweight, and flexible enough to use over the face, and on almost any body part. I use it during facial treatments to stimulate collagen. It has a timer and 3 different colors. My clients do not feel claustrophobic, yet it’s close enough to the face to produce results. I also notice my clients skin improving. I have also used it on a client who has elevated liver enzymes. A doctor recommended applying it on his liver. I have used it on body parts such as back and neck where I have pain and it feels so warm and relaxing. It releases the tension and pain in my muscles. Shipping and the purchase was also very convenient and smooth. I would highly recommend this light panel and am satisfied with my purchase.


Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 10, 2022

In the past, I had hand handled, big, small, professional, expensive, and inexpensive LED lights throughout the last 17 years, I consider myself an expert using LED on my clients, and on myself, I have to say that I am surprisedly impressed with this panel. It is light, easy to assemble, the lights are enough, you do not need thousands of lights to have results, The infrared lights, I thought they weren’t enough, but after using the panel on 4 clients, I took the temperature of their skin and it was over 104F ( 42C ) more than enough to stimulate cellular activity. (20 min)
Recommendation from a professional :
. Use it on clean skin
. Do not apply any product, this light does not penetrate products, it stimulates your skin, apply a mask or serums after using the panel
. Do not use it if you are taking oral medications, some medications could trigger hyperpigmentation when the skin is exposed to any light or heat
. Do not use it if you have a cold sore or virus
. Do not use it with retinol or any acid-based products


Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 27, 2022

I ordered this Proton Light for healing. Research has shown that red light therapy is very healing. I have used this red light to heal psoriasis and eczema on my skin. Further, I am using red light therapy on my face as it is good for skin tightening. Red light is also known to help stop the progression of macular degeneration in the eyes. My eye doctor was surprised as my macular degeneration had actually disappeared in areas of my eyes where it was in previous exams. I no longer see flashing lights and hope to stop the progression of macular degeneration….

Is this product price worth it?

It is a professional device most used by people who work with clients. It comes with full instructions, and you can of course use it at home too for yourself. It is mostly focused on face use, but you can use it on your body too.

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