Redlight Body Therapy Multifunctional Penal

Red Light Therapy Device 1500W,300 LEDs 660nm 850nm Red Near Infrared

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Red Light Therapy Panel (R Pro Series) Device


Near Infrared, Light Therapy Panel with Timer for Full Body, Skin Care, Pain Relief of Muscles and Joints, Improve Sleep, Anti-Aging(R Pro Series)
  • 【Powerful & Effective Lights】You can treat 660 nm and 850 nm at the same time. 660nm red light therapy is best for superficial skin treatments as it does not penetrate deeper into the skin, while 850 NIR is best for deep tissue, muscle, and joint treatments as it penetrates deeper. Perform deep skin beauty care, eliminate wrinkles, shrink pores, and help improve joint back pain, muscle fatigue, and soreness. 
  • 【Time Setting】Red light therapy device intelligent control system allows you to set the time of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, and 30 minutes. Set it as often as you want. When the time is up, the infrared therapy light will automatically turn on and turn off. 
  • 【Enjoy Therapy Anytime, Anywhere】Red light therapy device can be placed on any stable, flat surface and comes with an adjustable stand and a fully adjustable door hardware kit. You can place it on a table or simply hang it on any door. Hangs horizontally from the bed for maximum versatility. 
  • 【High Irradiance】Red light therapy devices measure 131.7mw/cm2 at 6 inches, high irradiance means exposing your treatment area to more light in less time. This results in fast and effective treatment time. In addition, it is equipped with a cooling fan to prevent the equipment from being overheated, causing damage to the components and prolonging the service life. 
  • 【Modular Connectivity】Comes with connecting cables for a modular connection build, allowing you to connect and expand to larger setups of 2-4 units, creating a larger red light treatment area that can radiate maximum to your entire body. 

Customer Reviews


The benefits of red light therapy have been extolled to me many times, so I finally decided to get a machine and see what it can do for me. It feels relaxing like a tanning bed, but without the heat, and instead of damaging your skin, it heals it. Not only does it have numerous skin benefits, but longer periods of exposure can also allow the light to penetrate the skin deeper and stimulate muscle recovery, among other things. This device is a couple of feet tall but compact. It comes with what you need to mount it, but I’ve just been propping it against a wall. The control panel allows you to set timers so it automatically turns off after a certain period of time, and even if you don’t program it, it has a default time that it will turn off after. The lights are extremely bright. I put on the goggles before turning them on and it’s a bit annoying having to blindly wander to my chair because the safety goggles are completely opaque. I really wish it had come with a remote. What’s great about this compared to the smaller light therapy machines is that it targets a wide area at once and requires almost no effort. For a lazy person like me, this is ideal. This isn’t something you get immediate results with, but rather has a cumulative effect, so I’ll update my review in a few months. This is a great deal for a powerful red light machine and much cheaper than visiting the esthetician, plus I believe you can use FSA and HSA accounts for this.


When you see rave reviews about a product you can start to wonder if it is all true. I’ve been looking for something that would help with my back pain which has been increasing with age. Well, I’ve found it. I decided to go big and chose the “R” model, an impressive unit that can treat a large area. It did not come with a stand, which would have been nice, but it does have the necessary hardware to attach it to a door and stand in front of it. With some extra rigging by my husband, he was able to lower its position so I could sit on a stool with my back to it.

The controls seem complicated at first, but after setting it up a couple of times it was no longer an issue. I was cautious at first, hesitant to use it often, but I shouldn’t have worried about it. There were no negative issues, like sunburn or dry skin as a result, only the very pleasant result of decreasing problems with back pain now that I am using it a couple of times a week.

So don’t be a skeptic like I was, this device really does work. You have several sizes to choose from so it needn’t be expensive. I actually could have achieved the results I wanted with a smaller unit without a problem had realized how powerful this technology has become.


It is a very strong deepening redlight, you can put it on the ground, next to your table, hang it up to the ceiling, and you got treated with 660 nm and 850 nm at the same time! Also nice to warm your body deeply up while doing some yoga, pilates, etc.


It needs strong protective glasses, as the unit is very blinding. It is also a little unstable standing free, better if you put it next to your table or wall. Waight is 6 Kg

Is this product worth the price?

It is a good product if you got space. If you decide to buy this product. I would at least go for the R series or R pro series. If you got space and budget, the max would be my choice! Definitely not for the mini, it is very small then.
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