Red Light Therapy for Body & Face – 1500W 300 Medical Grade LED Reviews OptiGlo

Powerful Near Infrared Light Therapy for Improved Health, Energy, Pain & Anti-Aging – Red Light Therapy for Face & Body by OptiGlo

Introduction of the Opti Glow Redlight panel

  • WHEN IT COMES TO TRANSFORMING YOUR BODY & WELLNESS, you need an LED light therapy device that meets HIGH STANDARDS. The OptiGlo Red Light Therapy Device delivers the HIGHEST LEVEL OF RADIANT ENERGY available, with 850nm of near-infrared light therapy and 660nm of red light therapy. Featuring 5W LED LIGHTS (more powerful than the standard 3W) and a 30-degree beam angle for max coverage, OptiGlo delivers ALL THE BENEFITS of red light therapy in JUST 2–10 MINS A DAY. 
  • FOR THE BEST, SAFEST RESULTS, YOU NEED to know exactly HOW TO USE your red light therapy lamp – yet many infrared light therapy devices are CONFUSING to use. At OptiGlo, we’ll never keep you guessing. Our manual LEADS YOU STEP-BY-STEP through the process of setting up and using your infrared LED panel for optimal results. Engineered for the HIGHEST LEVEL OF SAFETY, this red light therapy panel features a built-in timer & DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL to select your preferred wavelength. 
  • THE BEST MONEY YOU’LL EVER SPEND ON YOURSELF – Red light therapy for the face and body may help promote CELLULAR RENEWAL, boost energy, RELIEVE PAIN & INFLAMMATION, stimulate mitochondrial energy, help REDUCE SIGNS OF AGING in the skin, improve sleep, and may ward off physical & psychological ailments. Our MEDICAL-GRADE, 3rd-party-assessed body & face light therapy panel emits ultra-low EMFs and features light-focusing convex lenses for BETTER, FASTER RESULTS. 
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS – Our infrared light therapy system includes an LED THERAPY LIGHT, patch cable, door hook, EYE PROTECTION, cable assembly & snap links, HANGING HARDWARE, and power cable, so you can experience the full benefits of LED light therapy for face & body in THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. Its MODULAR design even lets you build onto your panel light to suit your needs – and with 100,000 LED hours, you’ll NEVER NEED TO BUY ANOTHER light therapy device. 
  • AT OPTIGLO, WE’RE DRIVEN BY A PASSION to help people become STRONGER & HAPPIER – and to THRIVE AMID THE CHAOS of modern life. Born out of our own physical struggles, these light therapy products are designed to support our customers on their JOURNEY TO OPTIMAL WELLNESS. We’re committed to making red light therapy universally accessible, so anyone can benefit from its INCREDIBLE RESTORATIVE POWER. Try our red therapy light FOR 30 DAYS – if you don’t love it, we’ll return your payment in full. 

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Customer Reviews

Bought this unit about a month ago and have been extremely pleased with it and the results I’ve been getting. It has both red and infrared lights that when combined give you great healing results! My skin has improved in texture and it has been helping clear up blemishes that I’ve been trying to get rid of forever! I work out a lot and have always been sore afterward even with stretching I’ve noticed that recovery is faster on my muscles and it’s also been helping with arthritis in my joints. The slight heat that the machine generates is quite soothing.
The directions for setup are very clear and easy. It has a timer and easily accessible switches for the different modes of operation. It’s a sturdy, well-made piece of equipment. Worth every penny! I’m SOLD!!!


I have been using red light therapy devices for some time which helps with my arthritis and general health. I was originally looking for a joovv, as this is what they use at my local clinic where I have been having therapy. Luckily I came across the OptiGlo device on amazon, for half the price of joovv and with a higher power. I was a little hesitant to buy a new brand, but I am so so happy that I chose Optiglo.

I’ve been using this device for almost 2 weeks now, every day, and the results are outstanding. I am sleeping like a true baby, the chronic pain I have had for 10 years is improving and a few other aches and pains are better. I have also noticed a general improvement in my energy levels and mood!

The product itself is extremely well made and high quality. The timer function, which most other brands on Amazon don’t have, is a great inclusion. As with most devices you can choose between red and NIR or both. It comes with all accessories needed to install it at home and the manual was super clear in explaining everything.


I have been interested in red light therapy for a while now for all of its amazing benefits. I always thought I would have to go to some spa/clinic place to get a high-quality red light treatment which would cost me way more than what I just paid for this product long term.

I’m super happy I chose this one out of all the options on here. It is professional grade and heavy, you can tell it’s been created with high-quality materials. It comes with a well-made book on the details of the product and protective glasses. I am so excited to start using this every day and gain all of its benefits!

Is this product price worth it?

The OptiGlow is a more expensive product, which has a medical-grade standard. If you looking for a top product that gives you the results you are looking for, go for better quality. This is a top product! You can buy a smaller panel, for less money from this product if you need to save money. There are two options.

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