Redlight Body and Face Therapy Multifunctional Device

Red Light Therapy for Body & Face – 1500W 300 Medical Grade LED – Powerful Near Infrared Light Therapy for Improved Health, Energy, Pain & Anti-Aging – Red Light Therapy for Face & Body by OptiGlo


THE BEST MONEY YOU’LL EVER SPEND ON YOURSELF – Red light therapy for the face and body will help promote CELLULAR RENEWAL, boost energy, RELIEVE PAIN & INFLAMMATION, stimulate mitochondrial energy, help REDUCE SIGNS OF AGING in the skin, improve sleep, and may ward off physical & psychological ailments. Our MEDICAL-GRADE, 3rd-party-assessed body & face light therapy panel emits ultra-low EMFs and features light-focusing convex lenses for BETTER, FASTER RESULTS. Transform your body and wellness with OptiGlo’s high-standard LED light therapy device. Delivering 850nm of near-infrared light therapy and 660nm of red light therapy with 5W LED lights and a 30-degree beam angle, OptiGlo offers all the benefits of red light therapy in just 2-10 minutes a day. Our manual guides you step-by-step to ensure safe and optimal usage. Our medical-grade, third-party-assessed body, and face light therapy panel emits ultra-low EMFs for better and faster results. The modular design allows for customization and with 100,000 LED hours, you’ll never need to buy another device. Experience the restorative power of red light therapy for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your payment in full.

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Review OptiGlo Redlight-Therapy Medical Grade

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 17, 2023

Size: 300 LED. Bought this unit about a month ago and have been extremely pleased with it and the results I’ve been getting. It has both red and infrared lights that when combined give you great healing results! My skin has improved in texture and it has been helping clear up blemishes that I’ve been trying to get rid of forever! I work out a lot and have always been sore afterward even with stretching I’ve noticed that recovery is faster on my muscles and it’s also been helping with arthritis in my joints. The slight heat that the machine generates is quite soothing.
The directions for setup are very clear and easy. It has a timer and easily accessible switches for the different modes of operation. It’s a sturdy, well-made piece of equipment. Worth every penny! I’m SOLD!!!


Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 27, 2022

Size: 300 LEDs

I notice my hair grows a lot faster and denser since I’ve used this lamp. My tennis elbow which normally takes weeks to clear now only takes about a few days to clear if I focus on my problem elbow. Back pain is a lot easier to manage thanks to this light. I do a 10-minute session everyone morning and before bed. I noticed drastically improved sleep and sleep quality. If you suffer from seasonal depression (SADS) it helps a lot with that as well. I don’t have the time to go to my local place that offers these lamps so I figure why not get my own?


Is this device’s price worth it?

The OptiGlo is a powerful medical product and it is a professional device. You can have it in different sizes: 300 LED’s 200 LED’s or 60 LED’s. You can use it for Anti-aging face therapy or on your body for anti-inflammation, pain relief, and to increase your fitness. It definitely helps with arthritis or any injury to heal. The device is a high standard and that makes the price! If you buy it, you won’t regret it!

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