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Redlight therapy guid
The book discusses the benefits of red and near-infrared light therapy for various health issues, including aging, inflammation, pain, hormonal health, brain function, and energy levels. The author emphasizes that there is extensive scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of this therapy and that it can be done at home at a lower cost than professional treatments. The book provides dosing guidelines, types of light that affect human health, protocols for using red/near-infrared light therapy, and information on the best light devices to use. The author suggests that optimal light exposure is as important to good health as good nutrition, and this therapy can be a powerful tool for improving one’s health, body, and overall well-being.

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If you read that book then you probably also have a red light device or are looking to get one. The author also points out that it’s much more worthwhile to get a larger device. And it was actually the author himself that convinced me to buy a full-body device.I think that the regular usage of my full body red light device combined with intermittent fasting will be extremely beneficial for me long term.


Everything and more is well presented here about this therapy.
It has a balance between clear science and simple and practical information for the average person. It defines clearly the benefits and science and simplicity of usage.

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